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Alphabuyer Releases new Report of Top Energy-Consuming Neighborhoods by Household Average in the Greater Philadelphia Region


PHILADELPHIA - December 6, 2012 – Today Alphabuyer, a PUC-licensed energy services and
consumer advocacy company that offers whole-home solutions to help residents and
businesses save on monthly bills, released a new report that ranks the top energy-consuming
neighborhoods by household average in the Greater Philadelphia Region. The report also
examines top energy consuming neighborhoods in several individual counties.

“If consumers are aware of their energy consumption habits, they will be more likely to
implement changes to be more energy efficient, which of course translate into big dollar
savings and has environmental benefits,” said Alphabuyer co-founder John Raisch. “Alphabuyer
has a lot of valuable data, so we decided to take that information one step further and shine a
spotlight on top energy consuming households as a way to hopefully encourage people in those
areas that now is the time to make easy changes that result in big savings and benefits.”

The report ranked Gwynedd Valley as the top energy consuming neighborhood by household
average in the region (17,453 avg. annual kwh); Gladwyne ranked as #2 (14,738 avg. annual
kwh) and Villanova ranked as #3 (13,072 avg. annual kwh). This means that residents in
Gwynedd Valley used 164% more energy than the average Greater Philadelphia region
household; and similarly that on average Gladwyne residents used 123% more energy and
Villanova residents used 98% more energy.

Below is a summary of the top three energy-consuming neighborhoods by household in select
counties, including their average annual household usage and percent usage above the average
household in Greater Philadelphia:

Bucks County:
1. Southampton (11,077 avg. annual kwh; 68% more than average Greater Philadelphia
2. Langhorne (9,750 avg. annual kwh; 48% more than average Greater Philadelphia
3. Feasterville-Trevose (9,388 avg. annual kwh; 42% more than average Greater
Philadelphia household)

Chester County:
1. Tredyffrin (12,983 avg. annual kwh; 97% more than average Greater Philadelphia
2. Kennett Square (10,956 avg. annual kwh; 66% more than average Greater Philadelphia
3. Malvern (10,563 avg. annual kwh; 60% more than average Greater Philadelphia

Delaware County:
1. Villanova (13,072 avg. annual kwh; 98% more than average Greater Philadelphia
2. Haverford (10,165 avg. annual kwh; 54% more than average Greater Philadelphia
3. Newtown Square (9,121 avg. annual kwh; 38% more than average Greater Philadelphia

Montgomery County:
1. Gwynedd Valley (17,453 avg. annual kwh; 164% more than average Greater Philadelphia
2. Gladwyne (14,738 avg. annual kwh; 123% more than average Greater Philadelphia
3. Huntingdon Valley (12,674 avg. annual kwh; 92% more than average Greater
Philadelphia household)

Philadelphia County:
1. Chestnut Hill (6,087 avg. annual kwh; -8% less than average Greater Philadelphia
2. Society Hill (5,178 avg. annual kwh; -22% less than average Greater Philadelphia
3. Northeast Philadelphia (5,014 avg. annual kwh; 24% less than average Greater
Philadelphia household)

On the heels of this new report, Alphabuyer is offering tips and solutions for consumers to
reduce their energy consumption. As a consumer advocate, Alphabuyer is partnering with the
Mark Group, a Philadelphia-based home energy solutions company, to work with residents
across the region on an innovative solution to ‘use less, lose less and pay less’ when it comes to
energy at home. Alphabuyer and Mark Group are partnering to help consumers reduce home
energy bills by an estimated 30-40%.

“One of the largest challenges we have faced is the lack of awareness that Delaware Valley
homeowners have about the affordability and cost-savings associated with energy efficiency
home improvements,” said Jeff Bartos, Mark Group CEO. “We hope this report will inform
residents about their energy use, and are thrilled to partner with Alphabuyer to serve as a
consumer advocate. With home heating season just around the corner, now is the time to
educate consumers about how to reduce their impact on the environment and save money at
the same time.”

By choosing energy efficient appliances, household accessories and energy consuming devices,
consumers will use less energy. Alphabuyer has partnered with WattzOn, the personal energy
management platform that helps people save money, save energy and go green, to launch a
new tab on its web site dedicated to providing information about local rebates and incentives
for energy-efficient products and services. The WattzOn rebates and incentives include
thousands of local/regional and state/federal programs such as PECO Smart Ideas, EnergyWorks
loans, federal tax credit programs and more nation-wide.

Here consumers can find a multitude of ways to save on energy efficient household products
such as a Natural Gas Boiler ($300 rebate), a refrigerator ($50 rebate) and a freezer
($25rebate), among others.

An effective way for consumers to save money is also to lose less energy. To help consumers
lose less, Alphabuyer has teamed up with Mark Group to launch a new home energy efficiency
upgrade savings-offer. As part of this offer, Mark Group will give Alphabuyer customers a free
home energy assessment, providing prioritized, affordable, and cost-effective energy efficiency
home improvement recommendations. Through this new partnership consumers will learn how
to retain more of their homes’ energy and can save $100 on any home energy efficiency
upgrades such as air sealing, insulation and more. Depending on the home, “losing less” can
save $750 or more a year on energy costs.

Alphabuyer continues to work closely with suppliers to negotiate a variety of electricity, natural
gas, heating oil and home energy improvement offers to help meet the varied needs of
consumers and give them options to pay less for energy. New offers are continuously available
at and always offer significant savings. For example, on October 1 PECO
increased its “price to compare” electricity rate by 22%, the single-largest rate increase since
PECO rate caps expired. In response, Alphabuyer came to the table with several offers that are
dramatically less than PECO’s price to compare.

“We realized that what homeowners need is a single place where they can find all the
necessary information to take control of their energy costs in a smart and simple way,” said
Alphabuyer CEO Kevin Johnson. “Different people have different needs, and we are addressing
those by offering a variety of deals for consumers and a shopping experience for energy that
will allow them to save, guaranteed.”

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