Interested in working with us? Alphabuyer's innovative online marketing and customer acquisition platform can help you reach new markets, or extend your reach and strengthen your relationships in an existing market. Find well qualified customers who are already shopping for your products. Retain your most valuable customers. Use this form to get in touch and find out more.

Independent Brokers and Sales Agents

Do you have an existing supplier relationship and want to talk to us about working with Alphabuyer to acquire new business? Have access to a consumer market or sales opportunity that's perfect for our suppliers and platform? We are entrepreneurial types, willing and able to act quickly on a new opportunity. Make an initial contact using this form.

Service-based Businesses

If you're offering services regionally or nationally in a category we're not active in, get in touch using this form. We are interested in exploring any idea that's a good fit for our audience.


Share the Buzz - Our group buying model is a story the media loves to tell.  The coverage we generate reaches audiences that are hard (and expensive) to reach through conventional marketing channels.

Hook in to Social Networks - Alphabuyers love a good value - and love to share it with others.  An average new customer shares an offer with three other people they know through email, facebook, and/or other online networking sites and tools.

Cost-Effective, Measurable Results - You control the parameters of the offer: how long and when the offer runs, how many customers can enroll, and at what prices.  Know exactly what you're spending, anhd what you're getting for it.