Group buying for your group!

Are you involved with a group, association, member network or organization?

We can help you put your team's collective buying power to work, and give your membership an opportunity to put together a specially tailored program. In addition to offering your group exclusive deals, we can provide donations, referral fees and other perks back to your group!

Here's how Alphabuyer for Groups can help you:

Alphabuyer will work with you to find suppliers and services that are right for your members, and negotiate the most favorable terms and pricing, based on the size of your group.  We'll assist you with "pre-selling," to make sure you'll get the participation you need to make an offer successful.

Once the deal is live, we'll help you get the word out to your membership once the deal is live, or supply you with what you need to do it yourself. Alphabuyer will handle enrollment and customer service from end to end.  We'll even provide you with tracking and reporting to give you full visibility into program results.

The program is perfect for:


Property related groups 


Local government and economic groups


Companies, benefit groups and member networks


Professional, educational and social groups

Add a benefit program for your group, with no added costs to your company! Talk to us about a customized experience for your team. Reward your members with exclusive deals with lots of added perks and benefits.


Please use this form to tell us about your group, and what you have in mind.