How can I be sure I'm enrolled?

If you've filled out the enrollment form, clicked "sign up now" and gotten to a page that says "Thanks for Enrolling," you're enrolled. No confirming email? You may have mistyped your email address when you enrolled - if you think this may be the problem, contact us (email or phone, at right) so we can correct it for you and re-send your confirmation.

How do I enroll additional addresses?

If you'd like to enroll another address under your alphabuyer account, make sure you're logged in, then return to the offer you're already in.  Choose the link "sign up another property" (in place of the "sign-up now" button).

We send a separate confirmation to your alphabuyer account email address for each property you enroll.  You'll find each enrollment listed in My Account.

I changed my mind - how do I cancel?

If the deal is still open, you can easily cancel by signing in and going to the "My Account" section of the site. Once the deal closes and we've enrolled you with a new supplier, you'll need to contact the supplier to cancel with them.

How do I find the status of my enrollment?

Visit My Account to see the offers you've enrolled in, and their status.  Typically you'll see one of these statuses:

Pending - we are in the process of verifying your information before accepting the enrollment.

User Canceled - this means you enrolled, but indicated you wanted to cancel your enrollment through My Account. If the offer is still open to enrollment, you can re-enroll through My Account.

Rejected -Typically this means you contacted customer service to cancel an enrollment for you.

Accepted - We're done processing and are ready to send your enrollment info to the supplier. You'll likely to see this status if the offer's still open to further enrollment.

Enrolling with Supplier - Your enrollment has been sent, and we're awaiting confirmation of enrollment back from your new supplier.

Enrolled - We've received confirmation of enrollment from your new supplier, and the switching process is under way, or complete (offers stay in this status for as long as your offer is active with the new supplier).

Contract Expired - The offer you enrolled in has reached the end of it's term. (You probably heard from us before this, letting you know the end of term was coming up.)