How does shopping for energy work?
Thanks to deregulation, you're now free to shop for the source of your electricity or natural gas. Called "generation" or "supply", it's only part of your overall bill, but usually the largest. Alternative suppliers offer lower prices than your default utility. Switching is free and simple, and you will still get the same service and bill you have always gotten from your utility. The only thing that changes is the price you pay. Learn more about deregulation and shopping for energy.

Will I get an additional bill?
For electricity and natural gas, the answer is no. Your savings will appear on the bill you already get from your default utility.

I can't make heads nor tails of my utility bill.
We understand. Hopefully these pages will help: How to read your electricity bill and How to read your natural gas bill

Is Alphabuyer really free?
It sure is. Our suppliers love our big groups of customers so much that in addition to giving us great deals, they also pay us a small commission.

Do I need to get other people to sign up?
No. But since your price gets lower when more people sign up, we encourage people to share. The more viral the deal gets, the quicker it will reach it's best price.

Why are there different prices?
Those prices represent "levels" of savings, based on the number of people who sign up. As the group gets bigger, the deal moves through those levels, until it reaches the best price.

Does everyone in the group get the same price?
Yes. Whether you are the first person to sign up or the last, everyone gets whatever price was reached by the group.

What happens after my deal expires? Will the price go up?
If you sign up for a deal that lasts for a fixed amount of time (e.g. 12 months), your price will vary at the discretion of the supplier - if you do nothing. That's why we'll remind you before your deal expires, to come back and sign up for another great deal through Alphabuyer.

Do I need to give my Credit Card information?
No. For our energy deals, all you will need to enter is your account number and basic property and contact information.

Can I get a better deal elsewhere?
Unlikely. We strive to make our group deals the best out there, as a combination of price, options, and terms. We encourage our customers to shop around, but make sure to factor in things like term length, cancellation fees, etc.

What happens after I sign up?
Sit back and wait for the savings. You won't need to do anything else, and it may take a billing cycle or 2 for the savings to appear on your regular bill.

What if I change my mind?
You can always cancel in the "my account" section while the deal is still running. After that, you'll need to call the supplier to cancel, or automatically cancel by switching to someone else.