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Natural Gas' long-term price trend

1,000 cubic feet of natural gas (one Mcf) cost $1.09 in 1970, according to data from the US Energy Information Administration. Using the Consumer Price Index as a broad measure of the cost of living, that $1.09 of 1970 dollars is equivalent to $6.03 in 2009 dollars. For natural gas however, by 2009 (the last year for which data has been reported), one Mcf cost $11.97, nearly doubling the general rate of inflation. The price of natural gas can rise and fall significantly in the course of a year or two, but in the long term natural gas prices have risen much faster than prices in general.



Savings options

Historically, those of us who use natural gas for heating and cooking have had two options for keeping spending under control – reduce demand through conservation, or switch to a different fuel source. Both can have a positive impact, but often take a long time to pay back. With the advent of “residential choice” programs, we can make a change that has a real, immediate impact on costs, without any investment other than shopping around for a better rate.

Simplifying "choice"

Real opportunities to save money on natural gas by switching suppliers do exist in some regions of the country, but finding them requires researching what competitors (if any) are offering service where you live, what their prices and terms are, and comparing them to your current usage and cost. If you do find a better price, you'll need to re-evaluate frequently to make sure you're still getting the best deal, since as we noted in the short term natural gas prices are very changeable.

That's where Alphabuyer can help. We constantly research the competitive market region by region, talk with alternative suppliers, and negotiate for the best overall rates and terms for our members. We make the shopping process easier by bringing you only truly competitive, relevant offers, and explain the terms and switching process in simple, straightforward language. Once you enroll, we'll ensure a smooth switching process. Best of all, we'll keep an eye on your contract for you, let you know when it’s time to shop around again, and suggest a best option. We want to make it easy to save money on your natural gas bill now – and keep saving, year in and year out.