Why Switch Electricity Suppliers?

No change in your utility provider on your bill

Your utility company will continue to deliver your power to your home, and bill you in the same way even after you switch. They'll also respond in the same way to outages or emergencies. In fact, the only change will be the price you're paying for energy

Simple, easy sign up - no credit card needed

A few minutes and you're done. All we need is the name and account number on your utility bill, and the property address. We'll handle the switch from your utility to your new supplier.

No switching fees or hidden costs

There are no switching fees or penalties charged by Alphabuyer, our suppliers, or your utility company. If you've already switched to another supplier, you should check with that supplier about early cancellation fees.

Only trusted, proven suppliers

We work with companies who have a proven track record of good customer service and dependability. Our suppliers may be new to serving your area, but they have a solid base of established business and experience.

No hassles down the road

Alphabuyer offers savings that last. We monitor your bill for free. Plus, we've got your back when it's time to renew. not some introductory rate that quietly grows when you're no longer watching it. The price is the price, for the duration of the offer (unless we find a better one)

Common questions about switching energy suppliers

My utility company services my heating and/or cooling system - will that be effected?

No change here. Your equipment service contract is completely separate from your energy service. You'll still be covered, and receive service and maintenance under the same terms.

Why is my utility company encouraging people to shop around?

With deregulation, your utility company profits from delivering energy to you, but not from producing or generating it.

For more about deregulation, see:

Electricity Switching Facts

Natural Gas Switching Facts

Can I stay on my budget billing plan with a new supplier?

Yes. Since your utility company will continue to handle billing for your service, your budget plan can continue uninterrupted.


I participated in a pre-pay program with my utility. What happens to my money?

The money that you deposited in a pre-pay plan and any interest will continue to be applied to your utility account, no matter who supplies your energy

I own multiple properties - Can I switch them all using Alphabuyer?

Yes. You can enroll multiple properties under the same Alphabuyer account.