Kevin Johnson - Founder and Chief Alphabuyer


Kevin Johnson founded Alphabuyer to carry out his nearly obsessive vision to help ordinary consumers band together to obtain ongoing savings on their monthly bills.

The original Alphabuyer, Kevin has always been about savings, having founded two privately held companies focused on saving and cost reduction for commercial firms.

John Raisch – Cofounder, Chief Product and Marketing Officer


John brings over 15 years of experience in Web-based product development, product management, marketing, and user experience design to Alphabuyer. Previously, John was responsible for platform strategy, road-map and customer experience at GSI Commerce (an Ebay company) and TrueAction (a division of GSI Commerce), where he advanced his career through various leadership positions.

John's early e-commerce career was with online music pioneer There, John was responsible for site planning and development of CDNOW's checkout process, My CDNOW and CDNOW's integration with Napster. Prior to CDNOW, John developed his core technical, business and strategy basis for all things online at an early CD-ROM and Internet business Millstart Electronic Publishing Group.

John is a graduate of Philadelphia University.