36 Month Fixed Price Electricity from TriEagle

Save % over PECO Residential's Price to Compare: /kWh

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7.87¢ /kWh

Save -15.6%

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Lock in a fixed rate for 36 months.  Plus, we've got your back - we'll monitor your bill for free!

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  • No fee to switch
  • No billing change
  • Only trusted suppliers
  • Easy online sign up

Now is the time to lock in a great low rate for your next 36 months of electricity supply. Alphabuyer is bringing you the best deal you can find anywhere. Check out the details below.

Price Plan Fixed Price - Your price won't change for the term of the agreement.
Price per kWh*

7.87 per kWh

Term of Agreement 36 Months
After Agreement Term Ends
Alphabuyer will contact you 60 days prior to Agreement Term ending, so that you can sign up for a new deal. Otherwise, your price may switch to a variable plan at the discretion of TriEagle Energy.
Early Cancellation Fee $10 for each month remaining in the agreement
Monthly Administrative Fee NONE
Switching Fees
Agreement Effective Date This agreement will begin after your first meter reading once the deal closes to enrollment and your utility company processes the switch-over. Your first bill after that meter reading will reflect your new rate.
Billing You will continue to be billed by your utility and your new price will appear on that bill.

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The BEST deal, for everyone!

While most of our other deals have multiple levels, we've opted to give everyone the best deal! It doesn't matter if you're the first person to sign up or the last, everyone in the group gets the best deal. Plus, refer friends and get $20 bucks!


Time limits & maximum signups

Each deal has a limited time in which to sign up. Some will also have a maximum number of sign-ups allowed. Once that maximum has been reached, or the time expires, the deal will close to further sign-ups. 


Signing up & sharing your deal

Signing up is easy and no payment is required. All we need is some basic info and your account number (from your current provider). Click submit and you're done - we'll take care of switching your service over to the new supplier. In the case of electricity and natural gas, you'll still be billed by your current provider, and your savings will be refelcted on your bill.


Since the savings get better as more people sign up, you'll want to share the deal with friends, family, and neighbors. Use Facebook, Twitter, email, write a letter if you have to. Let them get in on the savings, and watch as the price gets lower and lower.

At TriEagle, we work every day to be the most respected Retail Energy Provider for business and industry because we deliver to our customers: Value through energy cost savings made possible by our experience and creativity; Trust through understanding your electric energy needs and providing customized solutions and products; Stability through a locally-owned and financially-sound company partnered with other industry leaders.

We are a low-cost/high-value electricity provider with ready access to capital and stringent cost controls. As a closely held company, we answer to our customers, not to Wall Street analysts. We focus on what is important in today's competitive retail market: solid liquidity to meet our ongoing operational and capital requirements. Unlike the publicly traded Retail Electric Providers whose focus tends to be on short-term quarterly earnings, TriEagle has taken a long-term view of the marketplace and is uniquely positioned to deliver outstanding services to customers.


Your Price to Compare

Your Price to Compare is a published rate put out by PECO to help you compare prices when shopping for electricity. Basically, it's the price you're currently paying for generation and transmission. The chart below represents a historical look at PECO's Price to Compare in recent months. As you can see, our current deal represents significant savings vs. PECO's current Price to Compare.


For more information regarding price to compare visit PA PowerSwitch.com or the PA Office of Consumer Advocate Shopping Guides.